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21 November 2008 @ 03:31 pm
ScreenShot Adventure: Live A Live  

There once was a game, never released outsider Japan for the SNES. It was called Live-A-Live, a RPG , care to join the adventure and see what story this game told?
Since this game was never released outside Japan, it’s in Japanese, I’m using a rom translated by Aeon Genesis.

So as you can tell already this is one weird game! Sure is! You get to choose between seven different heroes that don’t even exist in the same time area! Don’t let my foolish behavior fool you, I love this game and I think if there’s ever going to be a judgment day, I would show this game as a testimony of humanity and its creation… or something like that, perhaps you’ll agree with me once we get to a later part of the game

Now pick your Character (in order as they appear in the intro)

-Ninja! (Work in Progress)
-Cowboy! (Not Yet!)
-Caveman! (Not Yet!)
-Sci-Fi! (Not Yet!)
-Wrestler! (Not Yet!)
-KungFu! (Not Yet!)
-Mecha! (Not Yet!)

-????! (Not Yet!)
-The Dark Chapter! (Not Yet!)
-The Final Chapter! (Not Yet!)